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Manual input router ip

Hi Is there any way to manual enter the router ip to connect to? There is a firewall between my router and my WHS. The firewall give out a dhcp scope to the lan side, and that is another ip rang...

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IpV6 Issue

I am using a linksys rotuer running dd-wrt software, it is configured to hand out IpV6 address to the host machines. One of the steps is to open a port new, different port, each time a machine logs...

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CTP2 frequent report router lost/restored

Getting false router lost/restored WHS warnings. Warnings resolve with 1 minute or so.

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FEATURE: Cannot use hijaack detection

Hi, The routercontrol complains it needs to login to the router for this feature (or it's not supported). But i cannot enter a username/password anywhere in the UI.

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How to delete the database if corrupt

Hi, Title says it all, the FAQ that the program referes to is an empty page to be created. Could someone please fill it in?

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It Just Don't Work...

I have just installedRouter Control v. 1.2 CTP1 on my WHS machine. Unfortunately, my router is simply not detected. This was the case with the prior version of Router Control, as well. The router ...

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CTP1 - WRT610N uptime "not supported"

The online status is shown as "Unavailble", uptime as "<unsupported>" Is this correct? Uptime is in the router schema?

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CTP1 - Traffic Graph resolution

Using a (relative fast) downlink of 20MBits/sec (= max 2MB/s) the Traffic Graph has a maximum resolution of 14000KB/sec. I would like the graph resolution to be configurable (or even auto adjusting...

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Netgear DGN2000 Router - "Offline" alarm

Keep getting many false alarms about Netgear DGN2000 going offline when it hasn't.

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Router control for WHS no longer sees my router

I installed the latest version 1.1b it imideiateley discovered my router D-Link gamers lounge. it seemed to work flawlessly, then after about 6 hours, it started to act flakey, indicating that my...

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