CTP1 - WRT610N UpnP resets WHS's port forwarding?


I had to disable Router Control (snif) due to the following:
  1. Remote access port forwarding is enable and (through manual router configuration) pointing to my main "production" WHS Server.
  2. Router Control however is running this on my 2nd WHS "test" Server (a HP EX475 which does not have remote access enabled).
The problem:
I found that - with UpnP enabled - Router Control somehow resets my port forwarding configuration. As a result of this remote access for my main WHS "production" Server is no longer functional. As long as I keep UpnP and/or Router Control disabled (Selected Router = Not Found) I have no problems with remote access to the WHS "production" Server. Tried deselecting the Port Forwarding Monitoring option with no avail.

I am not sure what is happening here. Is Router control reconfiguring port forwarding? Or does it trigger WHS to do so (even though remote access for the Server running Router Control is not enabled)? Or maybe this is a specific problem with the LinkSys WRT610N?
My only way out is either disabling UpnP (Router Control needs this to function) or disabling Router Control (not really what I had in mind :-)

User error, bug or functionality? Suggestions would be welcome...
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fkollmann wrote Sep 12, 2009 at 8:19 AM

No, RouterControl does neither reconfigure your port forwarding now tells WHS to do so. I guess it's an issue with the router...

Can you please disable traffic monitoring in the "Features" tab of the Router Control settings tab? Perhaps it's related to that because it puts the router under some kind of stress.

Theodoor wrote Sep 13, 2009 at 1:26 PM

OK. Found it!
Consider this issue as "closed", status "user error" :-/

Until now I had UpnP Disabled to enable remote access for the test server on the local network. Did forget all about that so when I enabled UpnP to test Router Control the test server happily started reconfiguring the Router :-|