It Just Don't Work...


I have just installedRouter Control v. 1.2 CTP1 on my WHS machine. Unfortunately, my router is simply not detected. This was the case with the prior version of Router Control, as well.

The router which drives my network is a D-link DIR-655. The problem has persisted through several firmware upgrades. I am running the DIR-655 in a "router-on-router" setup with AT&T's "U-verse" VDSL box (a 2-Wire 3800HGV-B) acting simply as an Internet gateway. (The DIR-655 is running in a DMZ of the 2-Wire box.) My WHS machine is connected to the DIR-655 router via a Gigabit Ethernet cable. My WHS machine is using a static IP address.

While the "router-on-router" setup may sound exotic, it really isn't. The router of significance here is the D-link DIR-655. The 2-Wire box is not providing any NAT or other "routing" functions to my network. The two boxes have different subnets of IP addresses -- the 2-Wire is running as 192.168.1.xx; the DIR-655 is running as 192.168.2.xx. There is no differential subnet mask (ie: is used for both subnets.) The WHS and client machines on the DIR-655's 192.168.2.xx subnet are also all using the same hostname for the Windows workgroup (ie: "WORKGROUP.")

Aside from the hardware setup, the only other likely explanation for Router Control's failure to detect my router is my security software. I am running Bitdefender's "Internet Security" version of its security suite on both my WHS and client machines. For the past year, I have run the "2009" release of the security suite; I have recently switched to the "2010" release. Both releases have been Microsoft-certified for use on the Windows Home Server platform. (See www.bitdefender.com.) The version of the security suite I am running has both antivirus and firewall capabilities. Within the bounds of my internal network, the firewall rules are set quite permissibly as "Trusted Local" machines.

If anyone has a suggestion to make regarding my installation and use of Router Control, I would appreciate hearing from you. Many thanks.

Mark Shneour


baardbi wrote Apr 21, 2010 at 10:50 AM

I have the same problem. My DIR-655 just doesn't work with Router Control. It's a little sad, since Router Control seems like an excelent add-in...