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About Router Control

The Router Control add-in for the Windows Home Server enabled the user to get more control over his/her UPnP internet gateway (e.g. see and modify the dynamic port forwards).

While this functionality is partly provided by Windows Vista it leaks of features like traffic graphs and monitoring.



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Friday, May 07, 2010  |  From Felix Kollmann - flx. v2.1 - Router Control

As a consequence of changing my private project focus all currently active and already inactive WHS v1 projects have been stopped. This includes the following projects:

  • Codename “Umbrella”
  • Router Control
  • Windows Home Server on Facebook
  • Volunteer

Currently no WHS v2 versions are planned and as along as Microsoft does not include an open add-in store there won’t be any future releases.

Sorry to all who are disappointed by this and those who have been long-time companions on my WHS adventures esp. to Christopher (HSB), Alexander (HSB) and Alex (HSL). Special thanks to those who are dedicated to the WHS community and made this adventure possible: Terry (WGS) and Martin (HSB). Finally I want to thank Microsoft for providing an existing product and all the sponsors of the Windows Home Server Add-on Challenge 09.

PS: If someone is interested in continuing one of the projects, please drop me a mail.

Thursday, December 03, 2009  |  From Felix Kollmann - flx. v2.1 - Router Control

Ylian Saint-Hilaire from Intel blogged that there is a new version of Intel’s UPnP stack available. I’m goiing to check this out ASAP.


Monday, September 21, 2009  |  From Felix Kollmann - flx. v2.1 - Router Control

The new version adds experimental support for TR-64. There are some major changes going on which will be part of CTP3.

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 Felix Kollmann - flx. v2.1 - Router Control News Feed 

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